Me and My Sweetheart

I’m Whitney and I’d love to share with you. It’s redemption for never sharing as a child.

My boyfriend Josh, or as I refer to him as in my blog, Sweetheart, is a fitness junkie, personal trainer, and very talented taste tester. He’s also a professional flour sifter and batter bowl scraper, and generally very good at making the dogs stay out of the kitchen. I’m always grateful for his help. He’s the decider of a delicious cupcake and a terribly disgusting, crumbly, dry crapcake.

Now, back to the sharing. I’ll be sharing my kitchen chronicles and the recipes that come from experimenting with all different types of fresh, clean, healthy ingredients.  I believe that if we can share these types of recipes, people will have plenty of options for a clean diet while satisfying the cravings we all get for “the bad stuff”.

I’m making it my goal to explore all fields of nutrition and exercise, from the kitchen to the textbooks, to support a world where everyone can be healthy and live a longer life.  I started by choosing to make better decisions when it came to my own body, and then began encouraging and advising my mother to be healthier, as both of her parents, my grandparents, each died of cancer (Gloria, May 5, 2006 and Edgar, May 6, 2013).

I’m invested. So that’s why I’m so eager to share. Welcome to Every Which Whey.


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