I’m Whitney! I’m an amateur baker, vitamin taker, pancake maker, and sometimes when the music is up loud in my kitchen, a rump-shaker.

I’ll introduce myself by saying I love to eat. I used to think it was an addiction because I was always thinking about food.  Now I think that food was my way of relaxing.  Before, I thought stress could only be reduced by eating something and I didn’t always make the healthiest choices. I had an unforgiving sweet tooth and was a compulsive snacker.

Now I’ve learned to control myself not by eating food, but by MAKING it.  And maybe tasting a little cookie batter here and there.

This blog will document my kitchen creativity and share it with anyone who might need a few new recipes to try at home.  I also really wanted to share recipes that were healthy and provided a variety of delicious and whole foods.  Why? Because I have had to change my eating habits drastically to prepare for my very first NPC Bikini Competition. During my journey, I’ll post low carb recipes, gluten-free recipes, low-fat recipes, low-sugar recipes, dairy free and low sodium recipes and my favorite…HIGH protein recipes.  To build and tone the muscle necessary for the competition while still losing body fat, I’m taking in lots of protein.

So now that you’re familiar with me and my goals here, I hope you’ll enjoy everything this blog has to offer. I’m preparing a lot for you guys, Every Which Whey I can.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian and any nutrition facts posted are a close approximation based on my own ingredients, brands, measurements, and serving sizes.  I’m also using sugar-free products, some of which are sweetened with Splenda, a non-nutritive sweetener, for which substitutions can be made in recipes for a natural source of sugar or sweetener.


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  1. Thanks for visiting Whitney! You are so cute in that photo! Love your recipes… I am always on the lookout for healthy foods for myself and my daughters. Can’t wait to try some out!

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