My Perfect Pancake Party

Alright, so it was a party with just me. My sweetheart fell asleep after stuffing his face at a St. Patty’s Day party with corned beef brisket, cabbage, potatoes, pumpernickel bread and some homemade fruity pebbles rice crispy treats (not made at MY home, of course).

But the party all started because I had a new guest arrive by mail today. That guest was The Perfect Pancake pan!

Confession: My inner pancake-making demons were released into my small apartment kitchen.


I was so excited to finally get it because we ordered it four months ago. The story is actually quite funny. After seeing the infomercial for the pan, I  squealed with excitement and didn’t stop talking about the thing for a week.  So my sweetheart ordered it for me as a surprise and it came as a two-for-one deal! Well he was told it would arrive after 2-6 weeks. He broke down after the first day and told me about it, so here I am, checking the mail with anticipation every day, hoping to one day find my pancake pans sitting there waiting for me. They never came.

One day last week, Josh saw a charge for $66 from Perfect Pancake on his bank statement!! Yikes! Well they had accidentally rang up two perfect pancakes, charging him double. So they credited him and told him to expect the delivery in a week. Well it showed up today, our order CLONED!! We had FOUR PERFECT PANCAKE PANS!

Of course I was delighted. No, elated is more like it.

The elation led to 16 pancakes, 3 different flavors, a very tired blender, and a kitchen counter full of oats and baking powder.


I followed my basic protein pancake recipe:

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup hot water

1/4 cup egg whites

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (I used Dymatize Elite, as always)

I blend all the ingredients in a blender, then add any extra flavorings and fruits.

The first batch was a Caramel Apple Protein Pancake made with diced apple, cinnamon, and a caramel extract. It was wholesome and bright with crisp apple flavor and a hint of sweet caramel.

The second batch was Orange Dreamsicle Protein Pancakes made with vanilla extract, orange extract and orange zest. This one was slightly tangy but the creamy vanilla balanced out the citrus notes brilliantly.


The third batch was Cinnamon Roll, made with butter extract, vanilla extract, lots of cinnamon, and a little cheesecake pudding mix.  They tasted warm and fresh, piping with cinnamon spice aroma and sweet fluffy vanilla cream.

Everyone should have one of these pans. Aren’t they positively perfect?

pancake stacks

Whew, all that pan flipping and pancake sampling has me sleepy. I think I’ll join my sweetheart and take a rest. I’ll pop the 13 extra pancakes in the fridge, ready for the toaster oven tomorrow morning. Thanks for tolerating my girlish excitement, as I broke in my fun, new kitchen gadget. Until next time!

The Pancake Monster,



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